Thursday, October 7, 2010


Things are going smoothly.  Pieta is a great mother - she is very conscientious of where her pupsters are in the whelping box and is careful to step around them when coming and going.  Pieta has a lot of milk and spends most of the day feeding or cleaning the babies.  She is now eating about 6 meals a day, most recently a big pot of chicken and rice.  Somehow she just doesn't want the dry dog food.  Whatever will keep the mild flowing works for me.
The pups drag themselves around the box.  They often spend time on the heating pad but yesterday started sleeping off the pad during part of the day.  The are growing steadily.  They exhibit Portuguese characteristics - they have their own opinions.  For example if I try to place one near a specific milking station, they will often refuse it until left alone to get it themselves.  The pups have  many different noises -small happy chirps, the cry for mom to clean them, the frustration cry if they get separated from the group and want to find the others and several other sounds.  They seem to like to be held and settle right into a hand.  It's fun to watch as they grow.

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