Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I'm measuring Pieta's abdominal girth in the same place and today she is 5" bigger around than when she was bred.  Her growth in the middle is even bigger.  I'm wondering how long she will still fit through the dog door.  We have our vet appointment for the xray on September 29.  The closer to the actual whelp date is better as there is more calcification on the skulls and spines so they are more visible.  This helps to give the most accurate count of puppies which can be helpful when whelping to know how many to expect.  I've ordered the have on hand medical supplies - I always think that if I have the back up I won't need it, where I might have to make a vet trip if I don't.  I try to do most everything at home so I don't have to take the puppies out shortly after birth.  Of course I would if I needed to, but I've always had the event go smoothly.  It's getting exciting...................

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  1. Pieta, we can't wait to hear how many puppies are coming. Daddy Zorro is very proud.
    Cheers, Mary Ellen