Monday, September 6, 2010


Just over one month ago, Zorro and Peita got together.  Zorro, a handsome boy, is officially known as CH Pinehaven Legend of Zorro WWD.  We had been watching him for quite a while for several reasons.  To begin with he is a stunning example of the breed and he has a wonderful temperment to match.  He also has demonstrated his working ability by earning his Working Water Dog (WWD) title.  He has some agility in his future, but right now is getting ready to show at the PWDCA National Specialty in San Luis Obispo in October.  We wish him the best of luck and hope the judge loves him like we do.  Zorro is owned by Mary Ellen Kinnaman in La Jolla, CA.
Zorro has been bred carefully and not overbred.  His first breeding was to a Vindouro bitch, O.G., that I bred and who is owned by Kathleen Doherty, Oakgrove PWD's.  O.G.'s mother and Pieta's father are full littermates.  The puppies from O.G.'s litter came out beautifully.  The puppies were remarkably consistent and their structure was lovely.  Additionally they were fairly easy puppies so their temperments were on target with what I want in this litter.  I'm introducing some other genes from Pieta's mother Msabu, but the characteristics I want are there in her and what she has produced.
I have been planning this breeding for about two years, so it is really exciting that the time is getting so close.
Pieta was my pick dog from her litter.  I had some very experienced PWD people look at those puppies and in the end, Pieta held up to the scrutiny.  She has proven to be what I want with her conformation and personality.  She earned her Championship very quickly and several well respected PWD judges thought she was great.  Pieta has done some training for water work and has her first leg in Rally obedience.  Once we complete all of our puppy work, she will resume some of that.  She is a natural retriever and has a very affectionate nature.  She is the low m an on the totem pole at home, but that doesn't faze her.
So in this combination we have a distant line breeding  from which we hope to continue the positive attributes of past dogs.  We have similar characteristics in both parents - a full, short beautiful muzzle, large wide headpieces, animated expression, well muscled necks, good chests, nice shoulder layback, strong toplines, good hip and rear angles, correct tailset, proportional hocks.  I hope we will get more of Zorro's coat and  I hope we don't get pups that are really big, but I am not too concerned about that as we have smaller dogs behind this pedigree.
So the breedings were about one month ago.  I had picked out the dates, but they were confirmed as appropriate by progesterone testing.  Pieta should be due on October 5, plus or minus a day or two.  We chose puppies this year instead of going to SLO for the National - we'll have other years for that.  I've got the time arranged off from work and spent the weekend inventorying my supplies and making a list of what we need.  We've had about two weeks of morning type sickness - Pieta has become very particular about what she eats.  I have cooked fresh trout for her, pot roast, she's had beef jerky and other proteins.  Most recently she has added some fruits like watermelon and apples.  I think she knows what she needs, I just have to find it.  In the past few days, her appetite seems to be returning.  Her belly is measuring 1" larger than following her breedings so I think things are progressing.  It's a very fun time and it goes so fast.

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