Saturday, September 4, 2010


This is the world my Vindouro Portuguese Water Dogs and I share.  I got my first PWD in 1990 and have been involved with the breed ever since.  The four dogs above are my current dogs and from left to right they are Zoltar (CH Vindouro's Your Wish Is Granted RN, WWD), Pieta (CH Vindouro's A Work Of Art),  Msabu (CH Legado's Impavidez De Msabu AWD) and Kismet (Int'l and Am CH Vindouro's Once In A Lifetime, RN AWD).   Zoltar is the son of my first PWD, Mynx (CH Cutwater's Aida of Brooks JWD, TDI, CGC) and from my first litter of puppies.  Kismet is a grandson of Mynx.  Msabu joined our home and Pieta is her daughter.  I believe Pieta is now pregnant and ready to start her own family.
After coming to love the characteristics of the breed and wanting to participate in contributing quality animals to the breed, I have been involved at the local and national level with PWD's.  I selected my kennel name, Vindouro, as it is Portuguese meaning future generations and I hope my dogs will play a part in the positive promotion and development of the breed.  This blog is intended to chronicle the pregnancy and puppy experience of Pieta.  Stay tuned.............

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  1. Great idea and way for us to learn about you and your breeding program. Thanks for sharing.