Thursday, September 23, 2010


Tonight, for the first time, I can feel movements in Pieta's belly.  I can't really feel any kicking yet, it's more like position changes.  It is really exciting.
On the food front, Pieta is eating a little better.  I'm changing what I offer - yesterday it was roast beef and a lot of jus and today it was pasta and back to the Taste of the Wild.  She still is turning up her nose at chicken - maybe she's tired of eating years of it!  She is liking her dog biccuits and more beef jerky. 
Mary Ellen called tonight - she things there will be 14 or 15 pupsters.  Maybe I should start a pool for predictions.........   We'll know before too long.  The hair on Pieta's sides now sticks straight out - pushed out by her expanding girth.  It has make me decide to get the whelping box up this weekend , just to be sure.

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