Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Pieta got her xray today and they say she is "loaded".  There were little puppy skulls and spines all over - up under her ribs, low and high, near the back - everywhere.  It was difficult for the doctor to be sure of the exact count as there was fluid in Pieta's uterus and it had some folds in it.  All normal, just doesn't make the interpretation easy.  I've felt from her size and discomfort that this would be a big litter, just didn't know how much.  Once I got her on the scale, I saw she has gained 15 pounds.  That was a clue of what was to come. Most of the staff came through to look at the film - maybe they will have a pool of bets on the actual number which they want me to call in.  I've got a great vet who gives out her cell phone and is available day or night for any needs.  The room is just about ready to go - Dr. Metzler thinks it will be Oct 3 at the earliest. 

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